Of course you can’t lose 2 stone in 10 seconds.  But the decisions you make in 10 seconds can determine your weight loss over a year.

People get really worried and hung up on food choices.
Especially if they’re trying to lose some weight.

Keto, low fat, acid/alkaline, it’s confusing.
The truth is, it’s very simple…. thermogenics (calories in vs calories out).

The diet industry want you to be confused.
They don’t want you to know how simple it is.
Because when you’re confused they can sell you another product.

Today I was eating on the move.
I dropped into Tesco’s to pick up a quick meal deal.
Sandwich, snack and a drink.

My first choice, cheese and pickle, bag of crisps and bottle of water.
Rather than rushing I just thought for a moment.
It was a 10 second process.

I looked at the calories.
  Cheese and pickle sandwich (who doesn’t love cheese and pickle!)
580 calories vs Prawn Mayo at 380 calories.
Prawn Mayo won.
200 calories down.

Crisps. Who doesn’t love crisps!
Ahhh 300 calories for a bag!
Opted for some grapes at 50 calories.
250 calories saved.

No single use plastic in our house now so water was a no no.
Only a small can of full fat coke at 150 calories.
Spotted the diet coke at zero calories.
150 calories saved.

Right there, just 10 seconds I saved 600 calories on one meal.
Might not seem a lot.
But losing weight is all about the cumulative.

Over a working week that’s 3000 calories.
A working year, 144,000 calories saved.

That’s the equivalent of losing 16kg (2 1/2 stone) of fat.
Do you think it will make a difference now losing a bit of weight.
I haven’t even thrown in 10,000 steps yet!

Take that 10 seconds.
Think before you eat, it’s worth it.

Have a great day and if you’d like some help click here.