What’s the best fitness kit to buy?


I often get asked, “Russ, I’d like to set up a gym at home, what’s the best fitness kit to buy?”

It’s a good questions especially if you’re on a budget and want to make a noticeable difference.

In some ways it also implies that your health can be purchased, or at least that’s what the marketeers would lead you to believe.   There are many things you can do to improve your health and fitness without a big outlay on unnecessary kit that will probably gather dust and take up space.  That said there are also some good investments you can make.

With this in mind I’ll provide you with 3 lists.

Free stuff

Good investments

Bad investments


Free Stuff



This is by far the best way to make gains at any level.  It really is underrated by most people.  It’s your bodies opportunity to reap the benefits of exercise and let those magical adaptations take place.  Find a way to get more sleep and I can guarantee you’ll feel better, lose weight and life will generally feel better and brighter.


A better way to manage your weight and the way you feel than doing bicep curls in your garage on your own.  It’ll fuel your body and repair any tired aching muscles.  Over consumption of refined and processed food contributes to inflammation of tissues in the body.  This is often overlooked but can make a huge difference in the way you feel and the way you exercise.


Many of the principles I coach are based on 3 element.  Mobility, Stability and Strength in that order.  So often everyone jumps to the Strength because it’s sexier.  I can pretty much guarantee that some time later the need for mobility will come up as people pick up injuries or feel stiff and immobile.

“I want to become less mobile as I get older” said nobody!

Twice a week we timetable our Animal Flow program for mobility, strength and conditioning.

The above are really the crux of it.

Anything else is really like worrying about the icing on the cake, before you’ve made the cake!

Get your cake in order first.


Good Investments


A Bike

By far the best fitness kit to buy is a bike.  The best investment you’ll make and if you look after it and it will keep paying you back for decades.  Cars make you fat and poor, bikes make you healthier and wealthier.  Unless you’re a lycra clad road cyclist just go for a mid range mountain/hybrid bike.  Buy the best you can afford with comfort in mind.

a bike


OK, I may seem bias here as kettlebells are my thing but you’ll get more bang for your buck buying one of these than any other piece of fitness kit.  Mobility, stability and strength all rolled into one compact piece of kit.  Yes it takes a while to learn how to use properly.  It’s the smarts persons choice.  You can apply for my Kickstart Program if you’ve never used one before.

what's the best fitness kit to buy

Coaching or Group Training

Short term or long term, get some professional coaching advice, a training program and use it.  Guessing what to do or looking up endless youtube videos or free advice will confuse you and you’ll never progress or value that advice.

You go to work with a plan, go on holiday with a plan?

Get a plan for your health.

Research shows that working in a group also progresses you further and faster with the added bonus of forming friendships with like minded people.  Invest in people’s knowledge and experiences, not more kit.

kettle belles

The Kettle Belles

At KB3 I offer Coaching plans for beginners in my Kick Start Program, 1:1 and Group.

Click here to find out more


The 3 worst investments


A treadmill

If you live in an area where going out for a walk isn’t an option, ok I’ll back down on that one.  Treadmills take up a huge footprint and cost £££ just so you can put one foot in front of the other.  Open your front door, step out and go for a walk or a run or combination of both.  Get some fresh air and sunshine.

Abs Curl Frames or Sit Up Devices

The price you’ll pay for wanting flat stomach this way will only be a bad back.  Your tummy muscles work when you’re standing up, using weights or kettlebells.  It’s an area you don’t need to touch.  We all have a 6 pack it’s just covered with a bit of fatty tissue, work on getting rid of that first!  Moving more and eating less will reduce your waistline.

Fad Diets Packages

The diet industry likes to make things look more complicated than it really is.  The solution to the problem is eat a little less and move a little more.  If you don’t lose weight from that, the chances are you’re still consuming too much or not moving enough.

Keto, Atkins, Alkaline, Powder diets, while they have their own unique selling points.  However, if you dig a bit deeper they all have a common theme… reduced calories.

Watch out for pyramid sales schemes.

If friends try and sell you diet products, they are not your friend!


In conclusion…


There are lots of ways to train at home but think logically.

Why buy an olympic bar when you don’t even do bodyweight squats at home.

Why buy a chest press when you don’t do push ups.

Invest your money in knowledge and experiences not more kit.

Need some help, click here.

Have a great day.