Work With Me

Kickstart (most popular)

The Perfect Starting Point.


3 x 1:1 kettlebell coaching sessions deigned to give skills, confidence and results.

Followed by 10 inclusive group training sessions

Group Training

The progression from Kickstart.

£50 per month

Once you’ve used your 10 sessions from kickstart you can opt for Group Training or purchase 10 or 20 sessions to use at your discretion.  You will also have access to other timetabled sessions such as Animal Flow and Circuit Training.

Personal Training

For the ultimate transformation.

£150 – 400 per month

Weekly 1:1 private coaching sessions, outdoors or at your home.

*rates may vary

It is definitely a significant factor of making me feel a lot happier today than I was a year and a half ago.

I’ve lost 2 stone… about 28 pounds.

You do feel like you have more energy. So you get the balance of the exercise, you get the release of endorphins, and at the same time you’ve got the right fuel going into the body so you feel more awake, more alert, and you feel like you’re achieving more.

There is not a lot of that bravado as in… hey, look at what I’m lifting type of stuff that you get at a gym. These guys are always really down to earth.

Matt Donahoe

I’ve lost weight, toned up. When I first started I was with and 8 or a 10 kilo bell, and now I’m working with a 16 or 20 kilo bell


Energy levels are good especially with the advancing years that seem to be slipping by.

David Herbert

I’ve got a medical condition since my teenage years. The hospital I’m under for it has said that there is no amount of diet or exercise that will help it. With Russell we worked on trying to prove that wrong. So we took measurements and went back to the hospital and the measurements have gone down instead of up.

I’ve gone through from teenage years never able to wear a skirt, to now gradually getting into a skirt. This year I’m now able to wear a bikini.

Christina Murphy