What people have to say about Russell

I’ve been training with Russell for nearly 5 years now and I can honestly I feel in the best shape of my life. Learning Kettle-bell techniques has made me stronger, fitter and more flexible, i love it. Russell’s sessions always keep you on your toes and push you without killing you, he’s always trying new approaches and new ways of lifting which is great. More-over his sessions are fun and the group’s banter is always a highlight.

Lee Murray

The atmosphere is relaxed and there’s always a bit of cheeky banter flying around, but Russell gets the most out of us when it matters. Everyone is made to feel valued and this leads to a great team dynamic within his classes.

Russell’s teaching methods work and I’ve noticed that he appears to be “ahead of the curve” with some of his training techniques.
Russell cares and values all his clients and, in fact, he convinced me to try my hand at triathlons last year. I completed the London Triathlon – Olympic distance and 70.3 Ironman in Weymouth. I owe much of that to Russ who coached me through the finer points of triathlon, set up a training schedule for me and motivated me all the way.
If you are prepared to work hard and want to get back to basics with your training, whilst getting enjoyment out of your sessions – give Russell a call.

Howard Rawley

I have been training with Russell for more years than I would like to remember! Russell got me back to a great level of fitness after breast cancer, mastectomy and reconstruction – I thought I would never be back to feeling confident and good about how I looked. Since then I have done a sprint triathlon and am doing a mad cycling challenge this year in Brazil. I stand in muddy cold fields and swing kettle bells about, I feel shattered after our Monday morning Tabbatta session and have a weekly 1:1 PT session. I have laughed a lot, cried and very nearly puked with lots of fun like minded people. I love it that we all support each other, I like the sort of people that are attracted to the sort of training that Russell offers and I like it that Russell leads by example and seems to manage to get us all to join him in pushing ourselves hard. He’s fun, up to date with his research and is totally dedicated to what he does…. just wish he would stop going on about the iron man stuff…. so what it looks easy!

Jo Hall

I’ve got a medical condition since my teenage years. The hospital I’m under for it has said that there is no amount of diet or exercise that will help it. With Russell we worked on trying to prove that wrong. So we took measurements and went back to the hospital and the measurements have gone down instead of up.

I’ve gone through from teenage years never able to wear a skirt, to now gradually getting into a skirt. This year I’m now able to wear a bikini.

Christina Murphy

It is definitely a significant factor of making me feel a lot happier today than I was a year and a half ago.

I’ve lost 2 stone… about 28 pounds.

You do feel like you have more energy. So you get the balance of the exercise, you get the release of endorphins, and at the same time you’ve got the right fuel going into the body so you feel more awake, more alert, and you feel like you’re achieving more.

There is not a lot of that bravado as in… hey, look at what I’m lifting type of stuff that you get at a gym. These guys are always really down to earth.

Matt Donahoe

There has been a big improvement in my strength and stamina which is what I wanted to achieve.

There is no intimidation, everyone is very friendly and Russ makes every feel very warm and welcome

Karen Baines

I’ve lost a bit of weight, toned up. When I first started I was with and 8 or a 10 kilo bell, and now I’m working with a 16 or 20 kilo bell

Energy levels are good especially with the advancing years that seem to be slipping by.

David Herbert