I was driving home yesterday listening an interview with a guy called Bryan Johnson.

If you’ve never heard of him, he’s the most measured man in history, well into his 40’s and a millionaire on a mission to reverse the aging process, and so far he’s done OK taking 12 biological years off his current age.

Who doesn’t want that?

As you can imagine he’s been ridiculed on social media and portrayed as a freak given his extreme lifestyle.

After listening to him I’ve come to understand he isn’t a freak or weird it just his norms of what he needs to do don’t fit in with the norms of other people.

He has his last meal at 11am every days and limits himself to 1700 kcals, exercises for 1 hour per day, takes hundreds of supplements each day and is in bed by 8:30pm, but he lives his life to what the science is telling him.

Whilst we don’t have the same resources that Bryan Johnson has, if you want to have a better health/life span why would you do something that accelerates your aging process vs something that would slow it or reverse it?

Makes sense.

It’s a bit like crossing the road everyday, looking both ways so you don’t get run over by a car, but doing it with a cigarette in your mouth!

There’s no doubt that our age plays an important role in our approach to how we looking after ourselves when basics like sleep has the biggest impact on our health, but it’s the first thing we’re willing to give up.

So embrace the science, get rid of the metaphorical cigarette and shave off a few biological years.